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Freya Blume

Freya, my fellow feline, my lioness, whose physical beauty is matched only by her strength of character. 

In an industry where many are duplicitous and counterfeit, she maintains her best self in every aspect of her life.

Her pleasure is as true as yours.

Cassandra Grey

A Renaissance mind in a Greek statue physique.

Where you live shapes the way you see the world.

How you shape yourself is an expression of how you see the world. Self mastery is an old fashioned word but it holds in its meaning all the best qualities

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Cora Livingston

"Actually, the best gift you could have given her

was a lifetime of adventure."​

A dauntless spirit, a shining soul that roams as high and wide as a peregrine, a more zestful person you will not meet. Four letter word for gusto, for courage and living each day to the fullest: C-O-R-A

Shona River

Shona River is a luxury companion and a well-known Hungarian adult actress. She is driven by her passion for discovering the secrets of love-making, travel, and people, making her the perfect company for any occasion.


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